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Updated Jurassic World Hack

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Jurassic World Hack

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Now this sounds great, but we aren’t done yet. Not only do you get all that, but you also get all the dinosaurs unlocked automatically. No time has to be wasted creating the hybrids, doing the story mode fights, or battling opponents. You’ll instantly be dominating the game without wasting any of your time.

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Jurassic World Hack – Online Hack for Jurassic World

Jurassic World Character Owen

Early Life

Prior to his occupation in Jurassic World, Owen was a member of the U.S. Navy.[3] During his time in the Navy he trained dolphins (presumably under the United States Navy Marine Mammal Program) and had been in combat before.[4]

IBRIS Project

After getting out of the Navy, Owen Grady was hired by the InGen Security Division to train and research the behaviors of Velociraptor. Many raptors died over the course of the project from either failed training techniques or fighting among themselves.

In 2013, after discovering that the pack dynamic of Velociraptor was more complex than previously thought, he recommended his old friend Barry to Vic Hoskins to help in the training of the raptors. Barry was eventually hired as trainer and caretaker of the raptors.

By 2015, he was the alpha of a Velociraptor pack which consisted of Blue,Charlie, Delta, and Echo. As he worked for Jurassic World, he lived in a Sunrio bungalow in the outskirts of the park.

Personality and Traits

Owen is openly confident and headstrong with a strong sense of justice for all life forms. He tends to be highly empathetic with the wildlife of Jurassic World, more so than other park staff. He sees his raptor pack as his family instead of just trained animals and knows how to handle them carefully. He comes off as very down to Earth and was openly confused as to why a genetically-engineered hybrid would be necessary to attract attention more than the existing dinosaurs in the park. Despite this, Owen demonstrates little regard or respect for authority, especially when he realizes they are acting in poor sense. This often put him at odds with both Claire Dearing, Simon Masrani, and Vic Hoskins, who refused to listen to him after the Indominus rex had escaped until the situation had reached critical levels.

Owen’s weapon of choice was a scoped Marlin Model 1895SBL lever action rifle. He carried it during the Isla Nublar Incident of 2015, but never fired it until the fight between his Velociraptor pack and the Indominus.


jurassic world owen jurassic world hack jurassic world owen

Jurassic World Character Owen

Jurassic World Dinosaur Types

Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Creatures and Hybrids

All dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures and hybrids available to create.

Attention: We are in need of the new card pictures from the latest version with all the dinosaurs DNA cost (this also counts for each dinosaurs’ page), their hatching times (hrs, mins and secs) and their DNA costs


Unlocked (in market) by



Buying cost (DNA JW-DNA)

Hatching time (h:m:s)

Market Card

Triceratops Already unlocked Herbivore JW-Herbivore Common 100 JW-DNA 00:02:00
11535658 988664424499679 7514337131669321810 n
Majungasaurus Beating battle stage 1 Carnivore Carnivore Common 110 JW-DNA 00:03:00
11535868 988664447833010 2759144515070817367 n
Alanqa Beating battle stage 2 Pterosaur Pterosaur Common 120 JW-DNA 00:08:00
1795580 988664477833007 6233223610215434982 n
Limnoscelis Beating battle stage 3 Amphibian Amphibian Common 130 JW-DNA 00:10:00
11351257 988664491166339 9077919784664237341 n
Argentinosaurus Beating battle stage 4 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Common 160 JW-DNA 00:15:00
11143465 988664514499670 4571652698254584107 n
Diplodocus Beating battle stage 5 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Rare 750 JW-DNA 03:33:00
10805633 988664544499667 6729581373417430841 n
Tropeognathus Beating battle stage 6 Pterosaur Pterosaur Common 180 JW-DNA 00:06:00
11412135 988664584499663 5041129577708117015 n
Utahraptor Beating battle stage 7 Carnivore Carnivore Common 200 JW-DNA 00:30:00
11537812 988664604499661 5904868472960547074 n
Carnotaurus Beating battle stage 8 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 730 JW-DNA 03:22:00
11412256 988664621166326 6445280631805096023 n
Labyrinthodontia Beating battle stage 9 Amphibian Amphibian Common 130 JW-DNA 00:18:00
20090 988664647832990 5933490306643626916 n
Tapejara Beating battle stage 10 Pterosaur Pterosaur Rare 670 JW-DNA 02:50:00
11146188 988664671166321 1762808109721707462 n
Koolasuchus Beating battle stage 11 Amphibian Amphibian Rare 610 JW-DNA 02:21:00
11257936 988664691166319 2289743682812623794 n
Stegosaurus Beating battle stage 12 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Super rare 1,500 JW-DNA 11:10:00
1422620 988664721166316 3553983410407916512 n
Stegoceratops Fusing TriceratopsLvl 40 andStegosaurus Lvl 40 Hybrid/Herbivore JW-Herbivore Super rare 8,960 JW-DNA 16:40:00
Hatzegopteryx Beating battle stage 13 Pterosaur Pterosaur Common 200 JW-DNA 00:29:00
11183465 988664737832981 2798432693569894240 n
Guanlong Beating battle stage 14 Carnivore Carnivore Common 170 JW-DNA 00:23:00
11427167 988664771166311 1709572408522108441 n
Diplocaulus Beating battle stage 15 Amphibian Amphibian Common 190 JW-DNA 00:27:00
1549350 988664791166309 303283660686874613 n
Quetzalcoatlus Beating battle stage 16 Pterosaur Pterosaur Super rare 1,350 JW-DNA 09:03:00
11535917 988664807832974 1369525779747804505 n
Tuojiangosaurus Beating battle stage 17 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Common 130 JW-DNA 00:20:00
10171149 988664831166305 8095840902287382900 n
Nasutoceratops Beating battle stage 18 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Rare 550 JW-DNA 01:53:00
1897691 988664847832970 7873509599161529148 n
Tyrannosaurus rex Beating battle stage 19 Carnivore Carnivore Legendary 3,750 JW-DNA 65:38:00
11541036 988664874499634 8244040478357471658 n
Ankylosaurus Beating battle stage 20 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Super rare 1,200 JW-DNA 07:09:00
11223959 988664904499631 3534369038902721257 n
Ankylodocus Fusing DiplodocusLvl 40 andAnkylosaurus Lvl 40 Hybrid/Herbivore JW-Herbivore Super rare 10,920 JW-DNA unknown
Metriorhynchus Beating battle stage 21 Amphibian Amphibian Super rare 1,400 JW-DNA 09:44:00
11536099 988664924499629 6333690512122496578 n
Pteranodon Beating battle stage 22 Pterosaur Pterosaur Legendary 2,910 JW-DNA 39:32:00
10246458 988664944499627 2774931322788119333 n
Velociraptor Beating battle stage 23 Carnivore Carnivore Super rare 1,500 JW-DNA 11:10:00
11535924 988664971166291 7061207743248508317 n
Indominus rex FusingTyrannosaurus rexLvl 40 andVelociraptor Lvl 40 Hybrid/Carnivore Carnivore Legendary 29,400 JW-DNA 6 Days
Pelecanimimus Beating battle stage 24 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Common 170 JW-DNA 00:26:00
1977390 988664997832955 4915492824634145341 n
Spinosaurus Beating battle stage 25 Carnivore Carnivore Super rare 1,500 JW-DNA 11:10:00
11059716 988665014499620 4310927483371389087 n
Spinoraptor Fusing UtahraptorLvl 40 andSpinosaurus Lvl 40 Hybrid/Carnivore Carnivore Super rare 9,520 JW-DNA 19:50:00
Bonitasaura Beating battle stage 26 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Common 150 JW-DNA 00:20:00
11206937 988665037832951 1114459199497500772 n
Allosaurus Beating battle stage 27 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 500 JW-DNA 01:35:00
11430267 988665061166282 1381446864090964567 n
Supersaurus Beating battle stage 28 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Super rare 1,400 JW-DNA 09:44:00
10012442 988665081166280 2736174733406339697 n
Dimetrodon Beating battle stage 29 Carnivore Carnivore Legendary 3,610 JW-DNA 60:49:00
10341486 988665094499612 3648730724053097151 n
Sarcosuchus Beating battle stage 30 Amphibian Amphibian Legendary 3,050 JW-DNA 43:25:00
11219071 988665157832939 1498230329467439351 n
Koolasaurus Fusing KoolasuchusLvl 40 andSarcosuchus Lvl 40 Hybrid/AmphibianAmphibian Legendary 20,500 JW-DNA unknown
Coloborhynchus Beating battle stage 31 Pterosaur Pterosaur Common 140 JW-DNA 00:19:00
1901947 988665174499604 399973921815068184 n
Corythosaurus Beating battle stage 32 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Rare 630 JW-DNA 02:30:00
1897727 988665201166268 7257275392323744826 n
Dilophosaurus Beating battle stage 33 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 690 JW-DNA 03:00:00
10930908 988665224499599 1502345534805720344 n
Dsungaripterus Beating battle stage 34 Pterosaur Pterosaur Rare 560 JW-DNA 01:59:00
Euoplocephalus Beating battle stage 35 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Super rare 1,000 JW-DNA 04:58:00
Gallimimus Beating battle stage 36 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Rare 580 JW-DNA  02:05:00
Zhejiangopterus Beating battle stage 37 Pterosaur Pterosaur Super rare 1,100 JW-DNA 06:00:00
Tropeogopterus FusingTropeognathus Lvl 40 andZheijangopterus Lvl 40 Hybrid/Pterosaur Pterosaur Super rare 7,130 JW-DNA unknown
Ichthyostega Beating battle stage 38 Amphibian Amphibian Legendary 3,330 JW-DNA 51:45:00
Giganotosaurus Beating battle stage 39 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 520 JW-DNA 01:41:00
Giganocephalus FusingGigantosaurus Lvl 40 andEuophlocephalus Lvl 40 Hybrid/Herbivore JW-Herbivore Super rare 8,490 JW-DNA 14:07:00
Irritator Beating battle stage 40 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 530 JW-DNA 01:47:00
Ostafrikasaurus Beating battle stage 41 Carnivore Carnivore Legendary 3,190 JW-DNA 47:30:00
Parasaurolophus Beating battle stage 42 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Super rare 1,200 JW-DNA 07:09:00
Rajasaurus Beating battle stage 43 Carnivore Carnivore Super rare 1,300 JW-DNA 08:23:00
Pachycephalosaurus Beating battle stage 44 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Rare 590 JW-DNA 02:12:00
Pachyceratops FusingPachycephalosaurusLvl 40 andNasutoceratops Lvl 40 Hybrid/Herbivore JW-Herbivore Rare 6,360 JW-DNA 08:07:00
Unaysaurus Beating battle stage 45 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Legendary 2,770 JW-DNA 35:49:00
Tyrannotitan Beating battle stage 46 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 710 JW-DNA 03:11:00
Suchomimus Beating battle stage 47 Carnivore Carnivore Legendary 2,630 JW-DNA 32:17:00
Pyroraptor Beating battle stage 48 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 650 JW-DNA 02:40:00
Carnoraptor Fusing CarnotaurusLvl 40 andPyroraptor Lvl 40 Hybrid/Carnivore Carnivore Rare 7,730 JW-DNA 12:00:00
Prionosuchus Beating battle stage 49 Amphibian Amphibian Legendary 3,470 JW-DNA 56:12:00
Microposaurus Beating battle stage 50 Amphibian Amphibian Legendary 2,500 JW-DNA  29:10:00
Ophiacodon Beating battle stage 51 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 780 JW-DNA 03:33:00
Shunosaurus Beating battle stage 53 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Legendary 3,100 JW-DNA  58:00:00
Monolophosaurus Beating battle stage 55 Carnivore Carnivore Rare 850 JW-DNA  04:18:00
Dimorphodon Beating battle stage 57 Pterosaur Pterosaur Legendary 3,600 JW-DNA 2 Days

Therizinosaurus Beating battle stage 59 Herbivore JW-Herbivore Legendary 3,500 JW-DNA 2 Days

Mosasaurus Win a MosasaurusPack in the Tournament Surface Surface Legendary 5,000 JW-DNA 4 Days93:40:00

Unavailable Creatures

Below are lists of dinosaurs and marine life either announced by Jurassic World: The Game, or found in the games data via data mining.

Publicly Announced

  • Megalosaurus
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Troodon
  • Antarctopelta

All of these were confirmed on their social media available in tournament mode.

All credits goes to the wiki jurassicparkwikia

Jurassic World Dinosaur Types

Jurassic world review

The trailer for this belated dinosaur sequel features a massive mosasaurs swallowing a dangling shark whole. The cheeky implication is clear:Jurassic World could eat Jaws for breakfast. Certainly, like the “Indominus rex” at the centre of its genetically spliced action, this cinematic theme park ride is bigger, louder, and has more teeth than either Jaws or Jurassic Park. Yet what it gains in size it loses in terms of dramatic logic and, more importantly, character chemistry. While the 3D beasts are undeniably impressive, their human counterparts remain resolutely two-dimensional thanks to a script that mistakes tone-deaf jumps and starts for emotional arcs. The result is a spectacular summer blockbuster that will doubtless eat the box office alive, but that remains all bark and no bite.

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar has become a fully functioning dinosaur playground, attracting boatloads of tourists. But with “de-extinction” yesterday’s news and raptors and T-rexes no longer a draw, modified hybrids are needed to scare up new business.

Having learned nothing from the previous three movies (The Lost World andJurassic Park III are essentially sidestepped), nor from Michael Crichton’s gene-pool text Westworld, the owners again find themselves running an amusement park in which the attractions eat the guests. As Bryce Dallas Howard’s operations manager struggles to locate her awol nephews, dino-trainer Chris Pratt attempts to prevent his unscrupulous security chief from weaponising the velociraptors with whom he has formed an interspecies bond.

Emerging from more than a decade of development hell, this unwieldy beast of a film cobbles together elements variously cooked up over the years by umpteen writers (including executive producer Steven Spielberg, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes scriptwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver) with a final draft by director Colin Trevorrow and his Safety Not Guaranteed screenwriter, Derek Connolly. This convoluted evolution has produced a story riddled with plot holes big enough for a mosasaur’s to leap through with ease.

Worse, the thumbnail-sketch characters – endangered kids, parenthood-unready adults, kooky tech guys etc – remind us how much more fully fledged were their progenitors in the 1993 Crichton/David Koepp-scripted original. Only Irrfan Khan’s billionaire owner has something of the cracked charisma of Jeff Goldblum’s chaos theorist, but even this promising potential is thrown away in one of the plot’s most disappointingly lazy dead-ends.

Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins in a scene from Jurassic World.
Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins in a scene from Jurassic World. Photograph: Allstar/Universal Pictures

Such shortcomings rankle, considering Trevorrow’s previous work. Like Godzilla director Gareth Edwards, he cut his teeth on a low-budget, fantasy-inflected oddity before graduating to this effects-heavy blockbuster. But while traces ofMonsters remained in Godzilla, Jurassic World lacks the off-kilter interpersonal charm of the time-travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. Instead, Trevorrow simply tips his hat knowingly toward Spielberg’s back catalogue, reprising the dinosaur-eye-seen-by-terrorised-kids from Jurassic Park, evoking the pathos ofET as a placid herbivore lies wounded (“Ouch!”), even riffing on Susan Backlinie’s violent demise in Jaws (Michael Giacchino’s score comes close to quoting John Williams’s shark terror theme). This is a dangerous game to play; I kept expecting Pratt to turn toward the camera and quip: “We’re gonna need a better script…”

On the plus side, Jurassic World doesn’t skimp on spectacle, compensating for its storytelling shortcomings with a superfluity of on-screen action. Viewed in Imax with the sound turned up to 11, the film fulfils its popcorn promise, offering a menagerie of dinosaurs (motion-capture CG, with a sprinkling of animatronics) that sweep majestically across land, sea and air. Once again, the velociraptors are the stars, proving that size isn’t everything. But there’s nothing here to match the nail-biting raptor raid of the original, despite advances in technology that continue to push the boundaries of cinematic sight and sound.

And therein lies the rub. Forty years ago, Spielberg all but invented the summer blockbuster with nothing more than a smart script, a perfectly chosen cast and a malfunctioning rubber shark. Today, Trevorrow can bring his dinosaurs to life in ways never before imaginable, but he can’t make us believe in or care about his characters. Like Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this serves more as a reminder of glories past than of futures new. It has scales but no soul.

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Jurassic world review